Some people think going to therapy is a sign of weakness, yet those who have been there know the opposite is true. Therapy is for those who have the courage to go deeper and the wisdom to know insight is valuable. It is for people with small problems and those with larger challenges. Therapy is about personal growth, relationship building, loss, and new beginnings. A person doesn’t have to be “crazy” to go to therapy, but sometimes there are “crazy” parts of us that don’t want help.

In my role as your therapist, I listen to your story, focus on your
well-being, and help you along your journey. My priority is to work with you as an individual, helping you to answer the tough questions in life and to make solid decisions for your future.

Understanding Your Story

Each person has his or her own story. I want to know yours. I believe our history plays a significant role in our present; therefore, I take into account your family of origin, your childhood, and how your experiences affect your life today.

Focusing on Your well-being

Your well-being is the result of many factors. Together we will discover how your current attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are working for you at this point in your life. We can find and enhance your strengths and make adjustments in areas that are not working for you. If there are unresolved issues that interfere with your current level of happiness, we will explore and address these issues in order for you to experience greater joy.

Embracing Your Journey

Whether you are interested in faith-based or traditional counseling, individual or relationship counseling, I will partner with you on your journey to more fulfilling relationships and a more meaningful life. It’s your life, and I encourage you to embrace it!